Manuscript evaluation and critiquing, platform buidling, marketing, and more:

Let me help you turn your manuscript from good to great.

Here’s what others have to say about my services:

“Jennifer will hook you on the first sentence and won’t let up until she’s done with you. By the time she finished editing my novel, not only had I learned so much, but I gained a lifelong friend. I will  definitely use her again.” ~Julane Hiebert.

“The first piece Jennifer edited for me is the manuscript I signed my dream agent with.” ~ Jessica Koschnitzky, represented by the Steve Laube Agency.

“Jennifer Slattery has been an invaluable member of the ACFW Scribes’ small and large critique groups. … She is thoughtful and caring in her critiques, while understanding honesty in the critique system is a valuable commodity. Her suggestions and comments have allowed newer writers to build technique and strengthen their story. At the same time, more polished writers also gain insight to strengthen plot and character.  In the last two years, Jennifer has encouraged members of Scribes who plan to attend the ACFW Conference by opening up a small group to work on pitches, one sheets, and other aspects of pitching to agents and editors at the conference. During last year’s conference, the feedback from Jennifer’s efforts with this small group and her willingness to work and to mentor others could be seen by the number of attendees who had favorable visits with agents and editors.” Fay LambFreelance Writer/Editor, 2010 ACFW Genesis Finalist-Women’s Fiction, 2010 ACFW Member Services Award Recipient, ACFW Scribes Co-Moderator; Staff writer:

“Ms. Slattery knows her business. Entrusting several chapters of my manuscript to her for critique was one of the best decisions I’ve made toward submitting it for publication. Tactful, but candid, her emendations are well considered and always accompanied by solid rationale. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to improve their writing and enhance their chances for getting published.” – Bruce Judish (Bruce’s website and blog)

“I’ve written professionally for nearly 30 years as an award-winning newspaper news and features writer and columnist. Writing my first novel needed a whole different set of skills. Jennifer Slattery kindly and professionally led me through those differences, praising me here, stretching me there and telling me when something didn’t work while offering suggestions on how to fix it. And she patiently opened my eyes to a critter I didn’t know: action beats. I resisted, but when I tried her ideas, I found out that they work! If, as I pray, you see my work on the bookshelves soon, look for the action beats. They’ll be there. Thanks, Jennifer!” – Burton Cole, Humor Columnist and Assistant Metro Editor, Tribune Chronicle, published by B&H Kids.

“Jennifer Slattery has an impressive background, from marketing Clash of the Titles to writing and critiques. A multi-faceted award-winning writer, a columnist, and reviewer, her knowledge and expertise in the craft well qualify her as a critiquer and publicist.” – Ane Mulligan, editor and V.P. Novel Rocket and author of Chapel Springs Revival

“Jennifer Slattery provides clear, thorough feedback, identifying opportunities for manuscript improvement in an honest, yet supportive way. Her sharp eye and writing experience helped me deepen point of view, show rather than tell, and strategically limit information to allow readers to reach conclusions without being spoon fed every detail. My manuscript is much stronger as a result of Jennifer’s spot-on critique. I am blessed beyond measure to have received her guidance.” – Diana Prusik, author of Delivery, published by Tyndale.

“Jennifer is easy to work with, devoted, and strives to help others meet their goals. I highly recommend her for anyone who desires to have their novel published.” – Tanya Eavenson, author of Unconditional

For Novelists:

I help strengthen your stories by:

  • replacing weak, redundant verbs with strong, image-invoking and mood setting substitutes.
  • Eliminating head-hopping
  • Turning ineffective telling (She was angry) into emotive showing (She slammed her fist on the table).
  • Removing passive verb choices (was, was going, were sitting) and sentence structure with stronger writing.
  • Deepening point of view by eliminating unnecessary thought and dialogue tagging
  • Effective use of sensory details
  • Developing attention grabbing query letters, proposals, and marketing plans

Fees for Manuscript critique or evaluation:

For a big-picture reading, looking at plot structure, character arc, climax and resolution–$0.50 per page.

For an indepth critique focusing on deepening your POV, showing, not telling, increasing tension, using sensory detail appropriately without drowning your reader, and other necessary components to an award-winning story–$2 per page. This critique provides indepth teaching as suggestions are accompanied with explanations. Your first two pages are free. This allows you to evaluate my services in light of your goals. If you find my comments and suggestions helpful, further critiques are offered at $2 per page for the first 200 pages, with a $0.10 cent reduction per page with each additional 100 pages up to a $0.50 discount. Please note: there is a $30 minimum order.

For Journalists and Freelancers:

I help you tighten and strengthen your articles by:

  • Zeroing in on choppy language and paragraph transitions
  • Turning mundane openings into exciting hooks
  • Adding pertinent details and relevant quotes to take your piece from opinionated chatter to relevant and informative

Fees for article critiques and evaluation:

Your first article is free. This allows you to evaluate my services in light of your goals. If you find my comments and suggestions helpful, further critiques are offered at $1 per page. Please note: there is a $30 minimum order that can be applied to future articles, proposals, manuscript critiques, and query letter evaluation.

Online Marketing:

Here’s what others have to say about my marketing abilities:

“Jennifer Slattery’s marketing skills have been key in the success of the literary site, Clash of the Titles. As senior editor, I heavily rely on her experience and know-how to get the word out quickly and efficiently. On a more personal note, she has aided in the marketing efforts for my novel, Wounded Spirits. The press release she guided me in writing made the front page of a local newspaper, which in turn generated further sales. Her professionalism and dependability give me peace of mind that not only will the job get done, but it will be done well.”-April Gardner, author of Wounded Spirits and Sr. Editor at Clash of the Titles.

“I’ve been repeatedly impressed by Jennifer’s ability to find promotional opportunities for me and my books. Even without my asking, she’s managed to find feature spots on several different online venues. She’s always professional, polite and willing to help out. I’m very blessed to call her a friend, and honored that she likes my material enough to help promote it.” –Delia Latham, author of the Solomon’s Gate Series.

And in an article from the Christian Fiction Online Magazine:

“When I started Clash of the Titles in September of last year, I asked Jennifer if she would jump on board with the idea.” April Gardner said. “So glad she did! Right off the bat, she tackled our marketing needs and has far exceeded any goals I had.” (April Gardner is the Senior Editor of Clash of the Titles and the author of the best-selling, Wounded Spirits. Read the entire article this quote is taken from here.)

Fees and plans:

Phone consultation: $30

    • Want to learn my marketing tricks and tips? Trying to launch a speaking ministry but don’t know where to start? Have plot issues you can’t resolve or need long-term career advice? I’ll teach you step-by-step during a phone consultation catered to your needs.

To find out more or to discuss a potential project, email me at jenniferaslattery(at)gmail(dot)com.

  1. Your services sound great! Susan Karsten

  2. Jennifer, i already knew you were a special lady and very talented. Now I know even more how talented you are! Wow!

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