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As a writer, publicist, Clash of the Titles Marketing Manager, and freelance editor, I tend to have quite a few fires burning at once. What I don’t have is time to waste. I imagine you could say the same. Over the next week or so, I’d like to talk about ways to increase productivity. We’ll start with a brief discussion on time management (Most often, I’ve found it’s not a matter of how much time we have, but instead, how we use our time.) Then I’d like to talk about the necessity of goal setting. I know, all you list-hating free-thinkers are balking right about now. But trust me, a bit of self-imposed fencing and stretching goes a long way.

But before we can change our outward behaviors, we need to change our mindset. We need to evaluate our thinking, rooting out those faulty thought processes that get in our way. These will vary from person to person, and often, they’re cloaked in “logical thinking.” Meaning, fear of failure will hide behind “commitments to responsibility” or indecision, etc.

One time-sapper I’ve seen time and time again, enough to think it might be inherent to writing, is discouragement. Feelings of discouragement cause writers to question their calling and has led many to squander days, months, sometimes even years, moping about looking for some sort of discouragement-zapping confirmation.

Today I’m at the Robin’s Nest to talk about this very thing and I invite you to join me. Because quite honestly, with all the work required to see a novel/book from big-picture idea to print, you don’t have time to fight against yourself. (Which is what discouragement is–you fighting against you, rendering yourself ineffective.)


About Jennifer Slattery

Novelist and speaker Jennifer Slattery, also writing as Jen Pheobus, uses humor, grace, and truth to inspire God's children to live abundant, Christ-centered lives. She does content editing for Firefly, a southern fiction imprint with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, and is a regular contributor to; Internet Cafe Devotions; Faith, Friends and Chocolate; and manages the social media for Takin’ it to the Streets, a ministry that serves Omaha’s working poor and homeless. She’s placed in numerous writing contests and her work has appeared in numerous compilations, magazines, and e-zines.

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  1. So here we go. Sure, us free thinkers might waste a few moments now and then by not scheduling moments when possible, but ,hey, that relates to how I write. Some of my best inspiration came when I didn’t write at all, instead choosing to follow a seperate prompt and you know, just take a hike – with His Spirit and usually the dog in tow, and away I go, unscheduled and unburdened, seeking His face and His influence. I wish I could take you along on some of those unplanned moments, the light breeze in the roadside brush, birds flitting about, the dog, nose to ground, stopping at various scents, ah, the wonder of it all, cleansing of the mind and Spirit. Then it happens, like a big download, I’ll ‘see’ several chapters all written out for me in my mind as I quicken my pace, racing to get home and pound the keys for several hours, sometimes yielding 5k to 7k and what a blessing seeing a vision as the characters interact, bringing the story from nowhere in the air, through my walk and listen time, to words on the page. The thrill of the creative moment is beyond anything my ‘normal’ workday could bring. Thoughts of angels shielding my character from another dark attack, ooowww, and E.G. or Kim using His Names to thwart an evil plan. what great fun.
    So there you go. Probably set someone off for your chat time. I’d like to hear from you back. Lord bless all of you.

    • My long lost friend, Terry Palmer! Glad to see you in my corner of the cyber-world, my friend. Sounds like you enjoy taking long walks and brainstorming. I wonder if the weather is as pleasant in your neck as it is here. Ah, I love fall. Contented sigh.

  2. Ah, autumn in nw Wisconsin. After work today, my dog forced me into sitting with her on the outside yard swing in the 60 degree weather, just to watch the last leaves fall together. ‘Course, then I had to spoil it all and get back on line. Oh well. How’ve you been?

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